What does Karauli Foundation do?

For a growing number of people in the world Water is not a matter of course anymore. Not even for the region Karauli Foundation has adopted: Karauli in the province of Rajahstan, a very warm and dry region in the North West of India. Residents continuously have to get water from further away due to the massive droughts.

We, Karauli Foundation, stand for a sustainable improvement of the local water supply in Karauli. We do everything within our power to reduce the water issues in the Karauli region. By establishing and maintaining new dams. With the dams the water that falls in the rainy season can be collected and stored in small reservoirs.

Water becomes available again! Of course Karauli Foundation doesn't do this alone. The projects are developed, implemented and managed in close cooperation with a local organization under the responsibility of Maharaja Krishna Chandra Pal. He has been politically and organisationally strong in Karauli to improve local living conditions for many years. The local collaboration means a structural and social embedding of the projects and, last but not least, also a guarantee of effective use of the resources made available by us! There is still a lot to do. And that doesn't only apply to the construction of dams. Karauli foundation also is committed to establishing and supporting local schools, so that a new generation gets the chance to develop.