The district of Karauli has over 1 million inhabitants and covers an area of 5530 km². About 19% of the population is younger than 6 years.

Goat farmer Pappu: "We now have to walk three kilometres to reach a well. This is making it increasingly more difficult to keep goats. I have to buy extra food for them in the city. Because we cannot keep enough goats for a living, my grandchildren have to work in the stone quarry. The sooner there will be a new water tank, the better it will be for us. No exception, as more and more people have to travel long distances in relatively poor regions of Karauli to reach water."

Farmer Pooran Singh: "Two daughters were getting married and that cost a lot of money. Which I had to borrow and I wanted to pay back with money from future harvests. But the water became increasingly less and my land did not produce enough. The land of my ancestors I almost lost, because I could not fulfil my duty payment. With the new dam there is sufficient harvest again to pay off the loan."

Girl Pinky: "I could not go to school because my mother had to go far to get water and I had to stay with my little brothers. With the new dam my mother can stay home and I can go to school where I can learn new things." This is true for many children in the region. The presence of water also has huge social consequences (e.g. the possibility of education).