Situation up to and including June 2023

Unfortunately, due to the abundant monsoon, the big dam broke again in 2019.
Krishna once again had the renewed damage to the big dam surveyed and concluded that while the damage is less in magnitude than in March, it is still significant. In doing so, Krishna informed the board that he hopes this time the government of India will be willing to bear the cost of repairing the new breach. This is possibly a sign of the importance the government attaches to the repair of the large dam, but it is also reason for the board to be cautious about compensation for the new damage and first wait for the government's willingness to compensate before considering financial contributions from the Netherlands. Krishna did indicate that the government's decision will again take time.

Already during 2017, it became clear that there is no longer a need for the construction of new dams in the region in which the Karauli Foundation operates. However, there is a need for a reserve amount for possible repairs to the existing dams that have now been completed. The board realizes that account must be taken of increasing extremity in weather conditions that may start to occur more frequently than before due to climate change. This makes it advisable to maintain a financial buffer in case another breach in one of the dams occurs or damage is caused that cannot be repaired by the residents themselves.

Because of your contribution and the efforts of the Foundation, the water resources have improved significantly. The completed dams have raised the water table with the result that the pumps installed by the government are working and villagers, especially women and children, do not have to walk long distances.
Due to the long aftermath of Corona, the past few years have been peaceful.

In January 2023, Hans de Jonge and Ronald Smeets took their leave. The Foundation is very grateful to them for their enormous, selfless commitment to the people of Karauli. Two new board members have taken office, Harry Sipkens and Arie-Jan Laan.
Harry is an architect, has a great interest in India and has visited Karauli and its surroundings. Since then, he has felt involved in the Foundation to which he now wants to be more actively involved.
Arie-Jan, owner and founder of tour operator Heritage Travel, has been passionate about organizing trips to India since 1997, with a special focus on Rajasthan and especially Karauli. His bond with the country, the Karauli region and the local people is strong, and he feels like a "child" at home there. Now also involved in a Karauli Foundation to give new impulses to the dam project and new initiatives. With his involvement, Arie-Jan hopes to promote positive changes and sustainable development in this beautiful region.

In May 2023, Arie-Jan and Rob visited Karauli. Among other things, they initiated the "Skill Development Centre for Women" project there in consultation with Krishna, the Maharajah of Karauli. Setting up a sewing workshop to provide a steady income and promote financial independence for women from disadvantaged backgrounds.
The first results have already been achieved. A former school has been renovated, put into use as a studio space, and sewing machines have been purchased. Moreover, the first ten ladies are now actively working in the studio. Soon there will be an update on the Foundation's new website, including photos. This will keep you well informed of the progress of the project and the impact it is having on the community.

Some of the dams were also visited and it was found that one dam was severely damaged. The Foundation will do more to assess the extent of the problems. For this purpose, board members are in close contact with the family in Karauli. Thus, a detailed inventory of the affected dams will be made. The goal is to draw up a plan to repair and strengthen these dams so that they can once again function optimally and any future damage is prevented. The commitment is sustainable development and a positive impact on nature and local communities.

Financial report 2021/2022

Inventory of the costs of repairing the breached dam showed in 2018 that this involved an amount of approximately €11,500. This includes expenses for improving the dam, such as widening and raising it, to prevent a recurrence of a breach. The repair of the breached dam was undertaken by a contractor who pre-financed the cost of repair in consultation with Krishna. The repair costs were financially audited by an accountant in India and confirmed by an audit opinion.

After repeated attempts to pay the repairs to the contractor, it was found that the permit granted to the Karauli Foundation by the Government of India for a term of five years for furnishing funds in India had expired. As a result, another permit had to be applied for. Although immediate action was taken by Krishna to comply with the permit requirement as soon as possible, obtaining this proved to take time and effort in India. Only in the course of 2021 could the amount of the repair be transferred from the Netherlands. For payment of the repair of the dam, an amount of €11,500 was still included as a PM item in the annual figures for 2019 and 2020. That item was eliminated by the payment in the 2021 annual figures.

There were no major expenses in 2022.

Krishna and the residents of Karauli once again conveyed their thanks to the board which in turn conveys the thanks to you.

Finance 2021

  Income Expenditure
Balance January 1, 2021 22.433,46  
Donations -  
Interest -  
Transfer Mah. Ganesh Pal   9.875,98
Website subscription   78,65
Bank charges   136,07
Balance December 31, 2021   12.342,76
 • Payment obligation   -
 • Disposable   12.342,76
Total 22.433,46 22.433,46

Finance 2022

  Income Expenditure
Balance Januari 1, 2022 12.342,76  
Donations 150,00  
Interest -  
Websitecharges   87,12
Bankcharges   114,26
Balance December 31, 2022   12.291,38
Total 12.492,76 12.492,76